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Custom Steampunk Leatherware and More

Custom Steampunk Leatherware and More‚Äč



I can provide for you a number of services that may help in times of need. Leather items are costly, and its understandable that it may become damaged, or need repairs.

With my experience in Architecture, Interior Design, Drafting, and many art programs, I can create just the right balance for your creation. This helps keep the amount of waste product down and the price as well. A multiple build project can also be done, and the cost can be broken down to help create a larger piece, and allow for changes down the line as well.

If there is a leather piece that is not Steampunk related this may include a belt, a sword frog, or a pirate belt, a side satchel, or just a leather wallet, even dog collars; please feel free to contact us. I can and will do any type of design, be it Western, Steampunk, Elvish, or other. The design is only limited by what you ask for, and if you don't see something having been made it just may be, that no one has asked for it yet. Go ahead and challenge me to create a one of a kind piece for you. Please check out the Store and see if I have anything you wish available.

If you are a serviceman, needing repair or restoration of your older leather pieces, as part of my services, I can also reproduce those and work to match the existing the pattern, or assist with Leather Care to help preserve what you already own.

Leather Classes

We can provide classes from basic to advanced, show you how to cut, craft, tool, and complete a job. Hourly and project rates can be used. Contact us for times and scheduling.

Leather Products

Check out the Leather Products list, to see what we have made so far and if what you want is there. We will update is as new challenges are brought forth. In the meantime see what we have for sale in our web store, or Etsy Store.

Costume Design

We can help you create a better character, develop a clearer more realistic feel to your persona, assist in designing the perfect costume and/or prop design and how to go about building it all. Contact us for info.

Leather Care

Please go to our Leather Care page and see what you may need to repair, restore, adjust, or renew your leather items - even if it is not a piece we made for you. Contact us if you have any questions.

Service Prices

Review the Packages Below, if one does not fit you, please contact us.

Leather Classes  - Full Day


Per Day

A full day of questions and answers!

Great for Medium Sized Projects or Beginners that need a complete start.

8 hr session - Simple Lunch Included.

Use of tools, and Workshop.

Leather Purchase is Additional.


Leather Classes - Hourly


Per Hour

For Small Projects or General Help.

Great for a small project, or general design help or repair.

Use of Tools, and Workshop


Costume Design


Per Project

Art Design

For Artistic design, story and character development of your character.

Renderings, Art, or Story Boards.

Online discussion, via web, or video. May last more than 8hrs, cannot be more than 16 hours.

Fabrication of Costume is Separate cost, which will vary per build.